The Cultural Experience Classes In Taranaki!

Golubtsi, hey, hey!

Try Ukrainian dishes and drinks, talk about Orange revolution, learn cheers in Ukrainian!

$120 pp including a taxi ride back home*

Vareniki – Eastern European Vareniki

Shape a perfect dumpling Russian or Ukranian style. Learn a sumbolical meaning of that dish.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes | Cost: 120.00 NZD


Take home my secret recipe of tasty Ukrainian borschch with some worderful memories.

Duration: 2 hours | Cost: 120.00 NZD

Hearty & Warm Greeting: Stuffed Caps

Create an amazing meal which wins hearts and warms souls. Learn some traditional Eastern-European greetings.

Duration: 2 hours  | Cost: 120.00 NZD

Colorful Salads

Salads are not only nutritious but colourful and festive: Olivier and Vinegret. Try some traditional Ukrainian and Russian drinks.

Duration: 2 hours 30 mins | Cost: 120.00 NZD

India. Spices For Wellbeing.

Discover culture through culinary. Learn how to use spices in your sauces.

Duration: 2 hours | Cost: 120.00 NZD

Kasha – Secrets of Ancient Grains

Slavic tribes used grains in a lot of dishes: sweet and savoury. Find out some of the recipes from 10th century.

Duration: 2 hours | Cost: 120.00 NZD

Belarus: Deruny & Verashchaka

Belorussian cuisine is popular for its potato and beer dishes. Make two of them and try not to fall in love with those strong flavours.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes | Cost: 120.00 NZD

Discover Eastern European Drinks.

Sbiten’, Kompot, Tea Fusions, Kvas, Kisel’ – ancient recipes known before wine, vodka and beer. Serve some history in your cup.

Duration: 2 hours | Cost: 120.00 NZD

Georgia. Passion For Food.

Try hachapuri and satsivi, taste authentic Georgian wine and watch a presentation about this beautiful country.

Duration: 2 hours | Cost: 120.00 NZD

Special Events

Parties, corporate events, birthdays. Contact us for an individual scenario and associate prices.